📶 Powerful Glide Pages!

Ok, very good!
About ingoing is now partly clear and now what about outgoing?

Same thing, but in reverse, java to prepare and sort, GAS to break it down. But is very tricky, it took me lots of try and errors to find the best way to do it. I would recomend for you to experiment on big database, you might find, that some solutions looks good when working with small data, below 10k rows, but when trying same technique for above 30K, it will choked, and you gonna have to redo your scripts. I did that many times untill i found the right way.

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For now, I’m trying do not take big data project. I see now the market is too big, there many, many little projects. I remember about 5$. Now is my way…
But it is very interesting for the future. May be, especially for me, it will be useless, but you know, we can’t sleep if wee sink about something…

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Wow…wow… wow… For the first time (i guess) in history, I got a like for my showcase from THE Genius @david himself!

Hmmm… and my sales went up 300% for a daily average. I think switching to Pages is not a bad idea after all… :rofl:

@Lucas_Pires … I appreciate your like too!


Hey @Uzo,

I was having a look at your showcased project. It looks pretty neat but I must point out to you that, I could not understand most of what was written on the landing page. It’s supposed to be in Zulu (South Africa) and I do speak and understand the language but most of what is written there seems to be a direct translation and does not make sense in most cases. Just a head’s up.
Rather stick to English for South Africa. It’s the medium for communication.

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Thanks for trying, i tested on Polish, Russian, Spanish and French… It was perfect… Can you try my new version if is better?

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Wow, Keren @Uzo :+1: :+1:

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