Placeholder for Text Entry is Clipped and Not Wrapping

The placeholder for form text entries is not wrapping, and therefore, cutting off the rest of the text. See screenshot below…


+1 to this. Hope Antonio will take this into account when he reviews the wrapping of texts in various components.



We could have 2 options like google forms: short text and long text. This could also help


These situations throughout the app are the bane of my existence. They are being slowly addressed but Glide design team really needs to scrub all text entry components at once to fix across the platform so they don’t keep popping up. :upside_down_face:

I just ran across this myself. I have a form with questions that can not be short and the test won’t wrap.
This means my form won’t work.

I agree this is a simple issue that should have been fixed by now. I get very frustrated with Glide sometimes.

You could use a text component for the question. It would give you a lot more flexibility.

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Yes, that is also the workaround I used.