PIN not working : too long

Hello I’ve launched today my app but some users can’t connect with the PIN, here is what one user says.
What shall I please do?

“Looks like your PINs aren’t working at all. Just got a PIN 1 minute ago and your website says it’s wrong.”

Thank you

Hi Raph, did you also try the PIN method to see if you’ve replicated the user’s issue? My app uses PIN and have never had any issue at all…currently working as well - but I’m sure there are many factors at work that affect different users…

I did with a personal address and worked on. I’m asking myself the question of that indeed relies on glide servers side or on the user’s…

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I have been seeing delayed PIN issues. The users would not receive PINs for a long time. One of my users said: “I checked for a long time and didn’t receive any. When I received it and entered into the sign in page, it said PIN has expired.”

@Raph I am guessing in your case maybe the user requested for PIN multiple times, and used the first PIN received. That wouldn’t match with the last request.

But agree, PIN delay is a genuine problem. Not sure what all factors does the delivery time for PINs depend on.


It’s interesting to hear the different experiences with PIN. I think it’s incredible to have this and on my side, I’ve never gone more than 10-60 seconds without a PIN - perhaps some are going to SPAM? This definitely needs to be a reliable and fast user auth method and has been for me so far. Again, I’m sure there is a lot of variability in speed depending on countries, servers, etc, so I’m not questioning others experiences! Good for Glide team to see the range of our experiences to understand and make the method more consistently reliable.

Would be nice to have login by phone number and receive PIN by text - users can click “from messages” and it will go into the field. This cuts down on user error - but first we have to have login by phone number…

@Raph I’m not sure how many users you have but if it’s one person, more likely to be user error than a bug. Please update here if you find more users with issue as I’m interested in following any issues with PIN method.

just launched today and got 3 negative feedbacks about PIN
because recipients’ emails were sync with Gmail client, I’ve suggested to manually refresh the sync. Waiting for them to come back to me if that helps.