Phantom URL after apps are deleted

This is not specific to one app

Describe the bug:
When an app that had a URL assigned to it when it was published is deleted, that URL remains unavailable. One would think the URL would become available after the app is no longer supposed to exist.

Expected Behaviour:
When one deletes an app, any URL that pointed to should automatically become available for future apps.

How to replicate:
Make any app. Publish it, giving it a URL. Copy the URL (Optional). Delete the app. Make another app. Publish is also, & attempt to give it the same URL as the previous, now deleted app.

@SantiagoPerez does it take a while for the deleted apps’ URLs to become available again?

Good question. I’ll find out!!


To clarify, the URLs actually will still lead to a login page for the deleted app if it had one, but any attempted login will fail. So it’s not just a phantom URL. The app itself isn’t fully deleted. If there was a Trash bin function for deleted apps this could be more easily remedied, as accidentally deleted apps with URLs assigned to them could be restored & have their assigned URLs changed.