Page crash while browsing Data

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Hi all, have anyone experienced this :point_down:t4: before?

Page crashes after adding Relation & Lookup column to Order Chit sheet.

Some information prior to the error happening:

  • There’s a PivotTable in the original sheet that has one static column (which pulls a filtered Order ID from Sales Record sheet); only row is dynamic.
  • I was just playing with the relation and lookup column in the Order Chit sheet when it suddenly crashes.
    – The first time I added Relation column (to relate the Order ID from Order Chit sheet and Sales Record) it got the data correctly (i.e.: Order ID = SO200WXYZ)BUT the Lookup column is all wonky, it didn’t pull data correctly somehow. So I deleted both column and tried again.
    – The second time I added Relation column, the pulled data somehow becomes (Order ID = YZ)?? Only the last 2 digit showed up — BUT the Lookup table works fine somehow. The page crashes when I press OK to add the Lookup column to the sheet
  • The page only crashes when I open Order Chit sheet

Please advice. Thank you~

We’ll fix it soon. Thank you for reporting!

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This is fixed now.

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Hi Mark, thank you for the prompt response!

If you don’t mind, may I know what the problem was? So I can avoid it in the future.

This was caused by a column referring to itself. In this case I believe a column was configured as a Lookup, and the target of the Lookup was the same column. Glide shouldn’t allow you to configure that in the first place, but when it does, it shouldn’t crash.

Ahh understood. Thanks for the explanation Mark!