Option to SHOW | HIDE horizontal scroll bar

It would be nice to have an option to choose; show or hide the horizontal scroll bar.

@hotToddy and would be nice to base this on a condition of the os. Phones=hide. Computer=show


I’m seeing no horizontal scroll bar now :grin:

@Krivo Apologies for the delay. Yes, I agree. Or, perhaps an easy way to have or not have these options; where you want in the app.

I just saw that… not bad! … might be nice to have the option to show\hide. None the less… it’s better. And a mistake on my part. It was not WYSIWYG. Meaning, I was only viewing the app from the editor, and I just realized the scroll worked differently when using the phone. :face_in_clouds: … Which wasn’t bad looking. :v:

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