On profile page some button functions don't work

When I add an button on the profile page, and want to point it to a screen. Is does nothing. No action is performed.

Where is the button pointing to? How do you have it set up? Do you have any screenshots?


Just a button to another screen. Nothing special

I wonder if there is still a bug here. When the option to edit the profile tab became a feature, there were some reports about Link to Screen not working. I wonder if it’s updating the screen behind the profile popup. If you close the profile screen after clicking the popup, does it show the correct screen?


Hej this is it! It simply doesn’t close if you’re already on the screen behind the button!

So it’s a smaller bug than I thought. Still a little bug though :stuck_out_tongue:

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Fixed this issue with a Work around!

  1. choose add action on a button’s action

  2. navigate to the specific tab, but also go back

this closes the account screen when you are already on that tab!!