OMG! embedding Apps in websites available!

I don’t know for how long this feature is available… I just tried it now by accident, and it works!!!
What a game-changer! I’m so HAPPY. :wink:
I LOVE Glide!


You can embed apps on the web which is great ! However, some features won’t work which is why the feature is not supported.

Do you know what will not work?
I tested one of my app and it looks good, even css is working

Embedding as in an iFrame? I’ve had my app displayed as an iFrame on my website atm.

We embed it multiples time in our customer portal tool and I don’t think there have been any problems.


You can also embed a Glide app inside another Glide app using the web view component. I do this with two of mine.

That i know… i tried long time ago to embed on my website, and it didn’t work… now is possible

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Oh, thats a game changer I’ve always tried this but it wasn’t working before

Perfect :clap::clap::clap::clap: