Old background / loading screen issue / bug?

  • I uploaded a background image

  • I checked the box to make it the loading screen

  • I didn’t like the image. So, I deleted it & uploaded a new one

  • I still see the old image

When I start the app, the old image is the first image/thing that I see.
Then, it goes to the loading screen & displays the correct image (not the old one)

How do I get rid of the old image? Given that it is NOT shown in the right side panel.
It only shows the correct image.

I suspect it’s stuck in memory somewhere.
I’ve tried refresh, restart, re-add app to home screen…

Where? On your phone/device?

Try this:

  • delete the app from your device
  • clear your device browser cache
  • reinstall the app.
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yes, phone. Fixed 99.9% - haha. It actually flashes the old orange screen for a 1/4 second, still.
But, much much better. Thank you!

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