Oh sheet! Glide could not reload the sheet

Happens systematically when I manually remove a large amount of rows from a sheet (in Google Sheet).
The sheet remains completely blank, except for the header row, but Glide is unable to reload the table.
In my case there are about 7000 rows.

This has often happened to me in the development environment; it should not happen when the APP goes into production because in the production scenario rows are deleted a few at a time thanks to a trigger.
But I’m a bit scared, because I don’t know how to intervene and what to do if this problem occurs.

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Out of curiosity, exactly how many rows did you remove when this happened?

All. 7000

Oh my.

Try inputing just 1 row of data and attempt to relaod with that. This used to happen to me in the past and I found it worked when it had data to reload to.

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Thanks! I’ll try next time

Hey Guys,

Its 27th April 2021 today… my app is failing to record any purchases done post execution of the checkout button.

I checked my glide sheet and all the tables have data populated without any blank rows in between. However, i keep running into the error " Oh sheet! Glide could not reload the sheet."

Could someone help me out?

Im trying to update the google sheet after the deleting 5 rows , its is throwing up an error. Do help !!!

What was the error you were seeing? Do you still see the same issue now?

Yes i do , i cannot update the excel sheet after adding or deleting anything .
At the same time the changes i make in the app get erased off and i have to start again the next day

Any solution to the above issue ??