Oh Sheet error constantly appearing on app (Basic) when trying to do manual refresh

My app’s URL: https://cgfapp.glideapp.io/

I get the Oh Sheet error ALL the time when I try to do a manual refresh and I only have 1,558 rows in my App (Basic subscription)!

Screen Shot 2021-07-11 at 23.24.53

Can someone from glide please take a look as I really have no idea why it should take so long to refresh so little data. It is not a random error but happening every single time I do a refresh.

Somehow data gets refreshed into Glide at some point but I am not sure when it happens because every single manual refresh has the Oh Sheet error.

I have deleted and minimised all blank rows in all sheets.

Is there any clearly known issues/limitations with Relations or GS functions?

I have tried to find a solution by myself but getting to the end of my patience with having an app where I have no control when the data will be able to get refreshed!

The Oh Sheet appears when Glide gets a timeout from GS or also for other things?
If it is a timeout what can be the likely functions that cause these and is there a way for me to test myself requesting to GS to see the results and how long it takes?
Could it be related to Glide servers being US based and my GS maybe being in Asia?

Thanks and look forward to your help

That may be something you want to submit to Glide support along with your app’s support link.


Many thanks Jeff, I have now submitted a request to Glide.

Just wondering does anyone else have experience of consistently getting the Oh Sheet error when the GS data is very small? For my app I have always had issues but recently it has become very consistent in happening every time I do a manual refresh.

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You could try removing all empty rows and unused columns from your GSheet. When I’m faced with the same problem that has often helped me.

You could also try replacing the underlying GSheet with a copy of itself. First copy the GSheet then head over to Settings → Data and replace current sheet with the new copy.

Thanks Eric :slight_smile:

I had deleted all empty rows already.
Had not thought about deleting unused columns so I did that but there was no difference :frowning:

Replacing the GSheet of the app I am a little hesitant to do. Will all the Glide Data Editor calculated fields still be there?

I am interested to hear if other users have had similar problems and what kind of data they have in their GSheet and Glide fields. I have quite a lot of Glide Relationships and calculated fields that use these relationships but I have no idea what is causing glide to be so slow with the refresh.


Have you tried duplicating the app, and if so, does it still give you problems? If it works, you could transfer your subscription and the url to the duplicate app.

Thanks Jeff

I tried duplicating the app but the same problem.
I tried deleting various GSheets and rows in the duplicated app but still the same problem happened.

Glide support got back to me today that they have created a work ticket to fix the problem but no details of what is the problem or a date for when it will be fixed :frowning:

At least I know its a problem on Glide’s end and not my app :slight_smile:

Will update here once Glide get back with any further updates.

Many thanks everyone

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Just an update Glide got back to explain it is an internal memory issue on their end and nothing to do with how I built my app. :slight_smile:

I look forward to seeing it fixed (and kicking myself for not submitting a support request months ago…although back then it was not consistently happening every time)

Thanks Eric and Jeff for your efforts to help!