Odd behaviour of Zapier action

My app’s URL: (I cannot share it)
Since some days, I have noticed that Zapier is not interpreting dates well, but only from the phone, while it works well if I activate the action from the Glide builder interface.
In particular:

  • I am inserting data in a date&time column
  • I am extracting separately the date and the time in two different columns
  • I have created a template column with the format: Date @ Time (picked from the extraction columns).
  • I refer to this template column as input data for Zapier; numerous tests have verified that this works well
  • I have created a button to activate Zapier action

Now, the issue.
From the phone, Zapier always uses today’s date and not the date of the template column
From the Glide builder, Zapier picks up the right value from the template column

Strangely enough, the template column always have the correct values. BTW a similar behavior happened time ago, where also the time was not recognized (i.e. Zapier was spitting the time/date of the creation of new row). Such issue resolved by itself after a while.

Anyone noticed that? Is it an issue with Zapier only or also with Glide?

Can you show screenshots of each column from original date column, through to the template column and each one’s settings to get a better understanding? Does your phone and computer show dates with differ5 regional formatting?

A little small, but:

  • “Day complete” is the date/time added via the Glide picker
  • “Extracted SOS” is from “Day Complete”
  • “Date only” is from “Day Complete”
  • The template column is the last one, and it is created properly
  • As far as I see, on my phone the Glide picker comes out with a day/month/year date and a 24h format, while in the Builder the picker comes out with a month/day/year date and AM/PM format; however, in both the cases the “Day complete” is filled in the same way. I do not know what happens with other phones. The same happen also in the Google Sheet, whereas the columns still present in the sheet record the date/time in their own format (different again, but correct)

Does that help?

BTW, I have found out that this odd behavior does not happen on all the phones. In particular, on mine it has issues (Xiaomi MiA3, updated to Android 11), on others it does not always but just sporadically. Pretty strange…