Number entry should open a keypad...not keyboard

When entering data into a number entry component on a mobile device, I feel like the keyboard should instead be the large number keypad—the same one used when typing in a phone number into the contacts app.


I think that’s a limitation of the IOS keyboard. They have gone back and forth on this because the phonepad does not have a decimal point or negative symbol, but there isn’t a true number pad like Android has. I remember googling since of this and it was a common complaint…unless something had changed recently. I’m an Android guy, so I don’t know.

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bah…cmon Apple.

Apple ruins the party for everyone. This is why we can’t have nice things. :wink:


The number keypad comes up when the user enters in the numerical code that comes in the email.

I would like to have the option to give this to the user. It could just be a check box on our end.

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You’re right! Would it be hard to include a decimal/negative in the lower left corner?!

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That’s the problem though. The PIN can get away with using the phone keypad because it’s just numbers. When entering numbers, some people need access to negative and decimal. You can switch any field into a phone entry component to get the phone keypad, but I don’t think Apple has a numeric keypad like Android does for number entry. You could try third party keyboards, but that’s not viable for multiple users. This is Apple’s decision to structure their keyboards that way.

In my app, where I know (and desire) for my users to enter whole numbers, I would like some sorta check box that will tell glide to use the number pad in specific components.

Seems like the only way Glide could make everyone happy would be to have two number components — one for whole positive numbers, and another for positive/negative numbers with decimals. The app creator would choose the best option for the specific field they need. This would also be a way to prevent decimals when you only want to collect whole numbers.

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Could just be a toggle for the same component. Data validation could also be a solution. Can’t submit a form unless number is formatted correctly.

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True about the same component toggle, but I don’t think form validation will have an effect on whether or not the number pad appears by default (over the regular keyboard).

Looks like this is still a feature needed. For our Glide-built test app, we gave received the feedback that is appeared odd that the number input is done by a keyboard, because users expect a number pad, like it is UI standard at many other mobile apps (e.g. Square).
I think it’s not just about the keyboard, but about the approach to number fields in general. Should the display and entry be flush right aligned? For the number entry form, could there be a configuration option, like for the choice component? Allow/disallow negative values? (for money entries, you typically don’t want to allow negative values). Number of decimal points?


Anyway… I’m using Android OS (Note 8) and whenever I’m using phone entry field, it show the alpha keyboard as well, not only happen to iphone @Jeff_Hager

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Yeah cmon do browser push in IOS 14!

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Not ideal, but a way to get around decimal numbers is to have a different input field for decimals.

Same with me. I am using the phone number entry field and it shows the alpha keyboard in iOS

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This needs some attention. I would at least like to have the option to give to my users. They are entering whole numbers (not negative), so this would be a worthy option in my app.


Has any update been provided for this feature request?