Now 'in love' with adding columns in the UX - but saving loses the tab focus


  • in the UX
  • working in a tab
  • use the left side - switch from screen to data
  • in data click on + to add a column
  • edit the column on the right side
  • save the column on right side

expected functionality - stay in the tab that I am on so I can see my column has been saved to the correct source

Actual functionality :frowning: focus jumps to the first tab in the app, and I think at first that my column did not save

  • now I know to go back to the column I was working on, and am at least happy that my new column has saved without having to go back and forth between UX and data editor from the top




I’ve been getting the same, and it only started happening today. My scenario is slightly different, but the end result is the same. I still make all my column edits in the GDE, because I don’t yet trust making them in the layout view. But anyway, my scenario:

  • I’m working in the layout and realise that I need to add/edit an underlying column
  • So I switch to the GDE, and land on the underlying table (as expected)
  • I make my edits, then switch back to the layout view
  • What I expect to happen (and what has always happened):
    • I land back on the screen/layout that I was previously editing
  • What happens now:
    • I land on the first tab in my app :scream:
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Once you know it works, it’s just annoying. However I’m sure I filed a complaint in the community some weeks ago that the functionality either did not work, or was random. Now we know it does work, and it’s not random (it just works in an unexpected and wrong way :slight_smile: )

Another bug in the bottom left data viewer - when you have lots of columns, the columns do not appear at a certain point of scrolling down…

annoying once you get used to having the data at your fingertips!

I am also getting bit by this.


Please contact Glide Support :stuck_out_tongue:


now if you start with collapsed columns on the bottom left, that would be great … :wink: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: @Darren_Murphy knows a guy who knows a guy :wink:

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We found the issue and have created a fix. We are putting it on a non-emergency fast track so it should be landing into production Tuesday.


Just for curious one day can you explain when you put something on production or why on tuesday and those things??

We have a staged pipeline that promotes every tuesday and thursday (assuming nothing bad happens). So if a fix lands into our pipeline on Monday, it ends up in staging on Tuesday, and production on Thursday. If a fix is super high priority we can rush it to production, if a fix is important but not worth the risk of hotfixing production we can rush it into staging thus skipping a single promotion step.


That’s interesting! Thanks!

@jason I’ve hit today what seems to be a related issue. In this case, it has nothing to do with switching views or editing data columns. What I’ve been experiencing is that I’ll be working in the layout view, somewhere deep in my app, and then suddenly/randomly the context will switch to the first tab in my app.
It’s happened at least a half dozen times today.

Do you know if the fix you have lined up will address this case as well?

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