My app’s URL:

Can you try duplicating the app to see if it persists? How many rows are you having?

duplicating didnt work. Im have 500 free of 2000

So you’re using 500 rows in your app right? What’s the latest change you made to your Sheet/Glide Tables?

Nothing significant, just uploading pictures. I was doing it in a different way though. I was making changes to profiles through my admin profile for the first time

So you tried that using the edit screen or through any other methods?

Yes through the edit form screen

Did the edit break any formulas in your Sheet? Did it add a lot of empty rows at the bottom?

When you said you have tried the duplicate thing, is it a duplicate app on the same Sheet or a duplicated Sheet?

How can I tell if it broke any formulas? No it did not add any formulas. I tried both when duplicating, and both prompted that it cannot

I got it to work again, when I tried to replace the sheet when I went to settings and then data I followed the prompts then later was asked to remove a column I did, it works now. I’m going to start making weekly copies of my app in the event something like this happens again I can revert back to an old one

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