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Hi, my app doesn’t show the user count data. Currently, I have nearly 1000 users using it. I just updated the app last night. Please help to guide on how to show the user count data.


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Hi @Sab_Sabrina

Have you read this? Some useful information :+1:

You may want to consider upgrading to pro and then use google analytics

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I believe this has been “broken” for a while. All of my apps are showing “No user count”.
I think there was another (more recent) thread related to this, but I can’t find it at the moment.
No idea if/when it will be fixed.

As Jason suggests, if User Counts are critical to know, then you’re best adding Google Analytics.


Just read it. Thanks yarr…

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Thanks for your confirmation.

So far, user counts is a just nice to have feature for me :slight_smile:
It gives me the motivation to keep developing new apps.

Perhaps, Google Analytics will do :wink:



I have the same issue
To clarify my config
I am using the Free version of Glideapps
I created an app and it is public (no email sign-in required, don’t want people to sign-in, instead simply install the app)

On my dashboard all of the apps state = No User Data
Will this be fixed in the future?
It would be very useful to see the number of users who have installed it


It’s a bug that I believe has no ETA for a fix.


I remember that also, but I’m really impressed that you found it :grin:


Searching is a gift. :wink:

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Not sure what’s the problem with Google Analytics or something that stopped them from doing the count like before :frowning:

I think we can blame GDPR for that. I think they stopped tracking users so closely. Probably why they only allow it for private apps.


It seems this bug is still around… no user count data for any of my apps (all pro)

Is it pro or private pro? As I shared in David’s post above, counts are only for private apps.

They are all private pro. I’ve done the standard clear site data, clear cookies, refresh, etc…

I guess mine doesn’t show counts either, but I think they are still legacy apps, so I wonder if that’s a factor.

Google Analytics still shows counts though.

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Thanks for the follow up. Maybe this was the nudge I needed to give Google Analytics a spin :wink:

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yeah, same. Noticed it a few days ago. Most of my apps are private pro, none are showing user counts.
I’m not too bothered about it though, as I have my own methods of tracking user count (GA, in-app tracking).

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