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Hi, my app doesn’t show the user count data. Currently, I have nearly 1000 users using it. I just updated the app last night. Please help to guide on how to show the user count data.


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Hi @Sab_Sabrina

Have you read this? Some useful information :+1:

You may want to consider upgrading to pro and then use google analytics

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I believe this has been “broken” for a while. All of my apps are showing “No user count”.
I think there was another (more recent) thread related to this, but I can’t find it at the moment.
No idea if/when it will be fixed.

As Jason suggests, if User Counts are critical to know, then you’re best adding Google Analytics.


Just read it. Thanks yarr…

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Thanks for your confirmation.

So far, user counts is a just nice to have feature for me :slight_smile:
It gives me the motivation to keep developing new apps.

Perhaps, Google Analytics will do :wink:



I have the same issue
To clarify my config
I am using the Free version of Glideapps
I created an app and it is public (no email sign-in required, don’t want people to sign-in, instead simply install the app)

On my dashboard all of the apps state = No User Data
Will this be fixed in the future?
It would be very useful to see the number of users who have installed it


It’s a bug that I believe has no ETA for a fix.


I remember that also, but I’m really impressed that you found it :grin:


Searching is a gift. :wink:

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Not sure what’s the problem with Google Analytics or something that stopped them from doing the count like before :frowning:

I think we can blame GDPR for that. I think they stopped tracking users so closely. Probably why they only allow it for private apps.