New users do not see the first tab of my app

Hi there,

All of my new users can’t sign into my app. After they input the pin, all they can see is a black screen. I tested it out and I see the same thing. This is a huge problem for me.

Has anyone else experienced this or know how to resolve this asap?


Hey !

Sorry to hear that you’re dealing with issues.
Based on the current glide status, all systems are operational.

We need to have more informations, such as devices, downloaded app or not, browsers, phones types and which emails (I mean the part) is used.

Please do let us know

Hi AymenM,

I’ve been hearing about this exact same issue from other Glide users and as far as I know it hasn’t been resolved for them either. A Glide support member told me they were working on a fix that should have been released a few days ago, but the problem is still happening.

It is happening to every single new user who signs up for me. It even happens when I test it on a Chrome browser with a gmail email account. I don’t know what phone types these users have.

Can this be looked into asap please?


Can you share a link to your app, so we can try signing into it? Without knowing which app this is, there’s little we can do.

I see a black screen too. Are all tabs hidden?

The app does not appear to have crashed (that would show a white screen). It looks like no tabs are visible.

All the tabs are visible.

I use increments to create a profile and they’ve always worked up until a week ago.

The users can’t seem to access the first tab, but if I manually increment them to the second tab, they can view those.

This is only happening to new users. Existing users can see everything.

Something about your visibility condition for the first tab is not working. Can you post a screenshot of it here? Also, I just signed up for your app. Can you post a picture of my user profile row?

If you Preview As me in the builder, is the first tab visible?

I am guessing that you first tab shows if some number equals zero, but the cells are empty, and empty is not the same as zero.

Yeah, I thought there might be a problem with increments because I haven’t touched my visibility conditions for months.

I just re-selected all my visibility conditions to see if that might make a difference.

visibility conditions

Whatever you just did, I think it fixed it. I now see the first tab in the app.

I refreshed it and it seems to be working, but this also happened to me a few days ago as well. I had re-selected my conditions and it worked then a few minutes later the screen went black again.

Now when I preview as you, the first tab is visible. Do you still see a black screen?

Ah, interesting. Okay, thank you!

Can you please make a video of whatever you did that fixed it? Maybe there’s a bug and seeing the video will help us fix it.

I’m not sure how helpful it will be, but here you go: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software