New records appearing in GDE but not being added to Google sheet

Anyone else having this problem whereby new records added in the app appear in the GDE table but do not get passed to the Google sheet.
When the GDE is refreshed/synced from the Google sheet (manually or automatically) the records disappear from GDE (this is expected since what is in GS is overriding whatever is in GDE)

This started happening today for a live app that has never had this problem before (previously was under Basic plan and upgraded to Pro about a week ago).


Do you still have write access to the sheet? Are you writing to read only sheet?

Yes it is not a protected sheet and has worked fine until today.
There is an arrayformula on about 30 columns in the sheet.

thanks for the hint David…it seems you maybe right and somehow the app has lost write access to the Google sheet???

How can I tell what user the app is using to write to the google sheet?
There is no yellow triangle in the GDE so it has read access.

It is now fixed by Glide help desk and missing records have appeared:

"We have deployed a fix for the issue you were having. If you are still having the issue or it happens again, let us know. We appreciate your business and look forward to solving your app needs in the future. "