💬 New: Group Chat Template

Correct. I have a user specific Column in the Glide data Editor that’s looking for whether or not the menu is open or close. The first button marks that status as menu open. The other buttons are set with visibility conditions to only show when the menu open status is true. The close button then reverts that status back to closed which hides the other buttons.


Brilliant, fellas! Will give it a shot :grinning:

Is there a christmas wish list that I am unaware of? Are we adding notifications to this one as well?

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Great design Robert! I love how you leveraged floating action buttons.

I need cross-platform notifications so unfortunately I can’t use a comment based design.

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@Pablo_Miguel_Martine @Robert_Petitto Got it to work using a user specific boolean column. Thanks for the tips! :ok_hand:

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@ThinhDinh did you see this?

DId you look at the community messaging app? It does not use comment based design and uses my script notification system.

Yes, thanks, joined the conversation a few days ago :+1:t3:

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