Need expert suggestions on Best practices for Data Backup in Glide

Hello all,

If you are building/maintaining Glide projects for a Client, I’d be curious to understand the backup methods used for apps in production, especially on the data part. Do you automate the process of exporting table data through any means, or do it manually and store it in a cloud storage? Or, taking app backup is the option you follow?

If you can share what has worked, where to be cautious, any best practices that you follow, it’ll be awfully helpful. Thanks !

We usually just duplicate the app periodically, or when we deploy a big feature, but obviously that can’t be automated.

If you want automation, I think the best option is using Make, then query all rows from all relevant tables and export them to CSV files.

Time-based actions might come soon though, and it will change the game.

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I think Thinh’s answer is currently the most realistic. I do the same. On occasion, either periodically or prior to major updates, I duplicate the app manually.


Thanks @ThinhDinh and @nathanaelb . Let me follow your footsteps then!