Navigate to Tab behaving differently in phone mode to Tablet mode

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I have just enabled tablet/desktop mode, and I am having an issue with some buttons not working.

It is a simple “Navigate to Tab” action which works fine in phone view on the desktop.

It is not functioning on Chrome or Safari on an iPad, and Chrome on a Chromebook. Press the button and nothing happens except what appears to be a screen refresh.

The tabs are hidden from the menu for design and navigation reasons, but no access restrictions are in place.

I have had a check on the forums and couldn’t find any similar issues, apologies if I have missed a thread on this.

It seems like the tab is not visible…

How are you hiding them? You cannot navigate to a hidden tab.

Just with a visibility of user=HIDDEN

Works fine in phone mode both on desktop browser and on a phone.

/edit Just removed the visibility variable and it does work after that. Not sure why it would work in phone mode, and not desktop though.

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Any thoughts on this? Still seems to be an odd behaviour.

Phone can navigate to a hidden tab with a direct “Navigate to Tab” button.

Desktop is unable to do this.

Is the Desktop view the issue, or is the Phone view doing something it shouldn’t be able to do?


I have updated the title to more accurately describe the issue