Missing elements and conditions!

I got complaints from my customers that apps are not working correctly,
I revisit these apps and it turnout that elements and if-else conditions are missing…
apps were working fine for months, and only I have access to the editor… I did not change anything for a long time!!!
is eighter glide updates mess it up or someone can access my app’s editor… or it goes back to the earliest versions.
Again weeks of work are gone!!! do not think of using Glide for professional use… this is happening way too often!

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I also had similar unexpected problems this morning, and for me it was because my app had been programmed to match boolean columns with 0 and 1 in Conditons, but suddenly only “true” and “false” worked.

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It sounds like you might have been bitten by this bug

this is ridiculous! I don’t remember these apps anymore… it’s gonna be long hours to reconstruct these errors

in my case, i have a custom action on the inline list, that checks which image was clicked using if-else conditions, and opens a new screen for a specific image… all of them disappeared, only one left without condition… i have no boolean column there…
and I have a copy of this app, and the same situation over the too!

For a quick fix, use “find all uses” for all boolean columns and change all the conditions to true/false

Atleast that’s what I did on some of my daily use apps.
I have many many more to fix though and am hoping Glide reverts this back.

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