Meet other No-coders virtually on Thursday

I did a small virtual coworking a few weeks ago with some no-coders and it was fun and useful to talk to other people building in this space!

If you want to discuss no-code tales, share what is working for you and learn about things that other no-coders are doing, you’re welcome to join our no-code coworking!

The next no-code coworking session is tomorrow, Thursday at 5pm Europe / 11am EST / 10am CST

Here’s the link to RSVP for our next no-code coworking :slight_smile: Nocode virtual coworking session

PS: I’m going to do these every Thursday, so even if you can’t make it tomorrow, you can RSVP for the other weeks so you get a reminder on your email :smiley:

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It was a great no-code meetup, thank you for being part of this @justin


We are doing our no-code meetup again tomorrow :tada:

Feel free to join by saving your spot here: Nocode virtual coworking session

@gvalero :slight_smile:

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