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(@Mark )
I wanted to do an action-related bug report with a Map, but to the surprise, an action on the Map no longer works :frowning:

Argggg, it’s not the action that doesn’t work anymore, but there has been a change in behavior since this week:
Before, we clicked on the point and the action was executed. Now, we click on the point, then we must click at the bottom of the list for the action to be triggered !!!

I find it very unpleasant !! Previously this made a lot more sense and is similar to using Maps.
Especially if you have several info for the same place, only one line is displayed and if you do a customization action with a condition it no longer works.
I wish I could no longer display this list which looks like nothing.

(it worked almost well last week)
When you have fixed this little bug, please check that if in a customize action there is a condition, it is not taken into account.
But one thing at a time.

Here is a small demo video.

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I’m not aware that we ever ran the action when you click on the pin. In particular, in the case of View Details it was always the intended behavior that clicking the pin makes the bottom pad come up, and then clicking that opens the detail screen.

Hello @Mark
Thank you for your reply.
I think I’ll lose the north with this Map :wink:
I did several tests, and the behavior is different between the editor and the published application!
Under Editor:
This is your version, click on the pin, then click on the map at the bottom, …

Published application:
Click on the pin and the action is immediately executed.

So, I don’t really know.

Then there is a bug, if you have a custom action with a condition, it is not executed correctly.

I made a small video to illustrate my message.

I noticed that your player is in Tablet view but your builder is done in Phone View.
I believe the behavior of maps will differ depending on what view you’re viewing the map in. Could you try playing around with the different views and let me know if there are any behavior differences that would reflect anything you’re not expecting?


Bonjour @Bry_Nguyen

Ah yes, you are right.
In the editor, in tablet view, the action is executed directly after a click on a pin!
While in “Phone” view it goes through the card at the bottom.

So my question is:
is it possible to have the behavior as under the Tablet view for the “Phone” view. It is, for me, the perfect logic !!

Okay, apart from what we said above.

There is a bug when doing in action with a condition. I made a video (with a very simple application)

Here I am gone completely crazy

Why this morning, the sattelite map is in Dark mode ???
Uhmmmm it’s frankly not easy to see something :frowning:

Isn’t it easier to offer in “Visual Type”: “Street, Satelite, Dark, …”

Here is an example of use:


Saturday :

Might be that the map imagery layer didn’t load properly.

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That’s what it looks like to me. We use the standard satellite image theme.

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how to find the standard satellite color?

Any updates on this? The map definitely stopped loading the satellite image theme at the end of last week.

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