Manifest file not updating when changing Short URL

Not sure if this is a bug, or if I’m misunderstanding how to make this change.

I’ve just modified the short url for my app, however I noticed an issue that I’ve traced to the app’s manifest file.
After changing the short url, the app is immediately available on that url (and no longer on the old url), however in the Manifest file, the start_url is still pointing to the old (random) url. This means that when choosing ‘Add to Home Screen’ on Android, Chrome doesn’t detect that it’s a full PWA, and instead just drops a bookmark on the home page.

Based on a comment in a different thread, I’ve tried changing the app icon, and can see that the icon does update in the manifest, however the start_url stays the same and does not change.

Hope that’s helpful - let me know if you need further feedback!

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Same issue here!
This solved my problem: change url of the app from definitive to a temporary url, duplicate the app keeping the same google sheet, publish the new app using the definitive url, delete the original app