Losting GS connection again! Please!

My app’s URL: https://projetogarrafanomar.glideapp.io/

After 2 days investigating, after incident of Glide, this is second time my app disconnect of app.
It means that even if I update on GDE, it doesn’t sync with GS.

During investigation We (because the community help me, so far anyone from GLIDE) discovered that something was wrong with GS.
I opened a BUG topic, open ticket support and no answer.

So I decided to make a copy of file and change the source of app to this copy.
It was look like that everything was back, but suddenly, lost the connection again.

I really don’t know what I can do.

Do u believe, now with PRO plan the performance of file on the Glide cloud will be better?

Most likely if you’ve copied the App, made a copy of your Google Sheet and nobody else is experiencing this issue on a large scale, there MUST be something wrong with your Google Sheet. Do you use any custom formulas or scripts? There has to be something that is causing the error inside the sheet itself.

Or did you change the permission of the Gsheet? Not sure if that could cause an issue or not.

Thx Joe, I´ve already made a copy of the app, but the copy doesn’t become PRO, and I don’t know how to promote the copy as PRO. Got it?

Well each app needs its own subscription, so copying a Pro App wont automatically make it Pro as well. You’ll need to update that one in the Settings.