Looking for co-founder in Greater New York area (specifically New Jersey)

Hello everyone,

My name is Keon Jukes and I am currently building an application to help people with package theft called “No Swipr”. No Swipr allows locals to have online orders shipped to a co-working facility I will be working out of for a small fee per-transaction and they would have extended time to come pick up their items after work/school etc. opposed to leaving it on their porch or in the lobby of their apartment. I am starting small, testing out 1 (Newark, NJ) city to see if my product idea has potential.

After conducting extensive market research I have found that eCommerce has steadily rose over the past few years and is expected to continue to rise at a compound rate and with more packages delivered to homes, package theft has also risen. Assailants on foot, bikes and driving behind postal trucks wait for packages to be dropped off then make their move. The current competitors in this space is Amazon Box which only caters to Amazon purchases, Ring Doorbell which if you look online has not stopped people from stealing just exposed the suspects and now people have begun to wear hoodies concealing their face and other tricks to avoid the camera, last but not least is the traditional P.O. box which requires a rent for 6 months paid upfront which for a large box which most would need for packages and boxes is around $97.00 paid upfront. No Swipr is per transaction opposed to rent, so kind of like 3D printing technology which revolutionized manufacturing from subtractive to additive and reduced wasted raw materials, you would only pay when you need a item sent to our facilities and not rent and potentially waste money. The future of eCommerce will combine the value chain with the supply chain, the customer experience will extend to them receiving their item and not finish at checkout.

I have a plan to do something differently from defunct Doorman which received unlimited items from customers for a monthly subscription fee and also had to pay their internal delivery drivers.

More insights reveal that customers are afraid to purchase certain items which are a little bit more expensive because they fear it may be stolen when delivered to their porch. This is a huge potential niche to target because many retailers cannot sell their more expensive items like Jewelry online because of the fear of package theft. More researchers report that 1 out of 4 people in a survey size of 2,000 have been the victim of package theft. As eCommerce continues to rise I do not see that trend slowing down any time soon.My target market is woman who shop online and are proactive about the safety of their packages.

I am working out the kinks to utilize a co-working space to test out V1 and I am already connected with investors in the area looking to fund startups. This company may seem simple, but it will take a team to scale up and create impact which I am aiming to do. Glide is a great tool to test out V1 and I anticipate API connectivity soon to allow Glide apps to connect to open source technologies like IBM’s Watson to add artificial intelligence and more exponential technologies into our apps. Reach out if your interested in innovating last mile supply chain. Remember the future is created by us! The tools are here, exponential technologies are ripe and resources are abundant!

Check out V1: https://noswipr.glideapp.io/


This is an excellent idea. I work in the Post Office and I feel bad when customer’s packages are stolen. The majority instruct us to leave their package at the front door. We one-up them by trying our best to place it inconspicuously out of view. Difficult when there are those would-be robbers watching from a unsuspecting car, or using our so called secure cameras to track movements. Well done. :+1:

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Hey Carlos, first thank you for that valuable insight! It has been occurring so frequently that when I woke up this morning there was more package theft articles posted.

I walked past the TV and the news showed a live video of a Hacker who hacked a Ring home system and was telling a young boy he see’s him within his home and that he is watching home. I agree with Peter Thiel and Don Norman when they say the future of technology will help human beings do their jobs in a complementary way. Amazon Box and Ring Doorbells could potentially be hacked, that is why I think a facility that is open later hours to accommodate people getting off of work and coming from school with humans and technology working in symbiosis would be the perfect solution.

I thought there might be more protocol to ensure packages are not stolen. Thank you Carlos, as an eBay seller and a victim of package theft myself, believe me when I say it sucks to lose inventory and money. I really want to make the experience of receiving your package better for everyone all over. Package theft is not only happening in U.S., but also UK and other countries have this problem. I am looking to work with dreamers to solve it.

Sounds like a good idea. My first reactions and comments after looking over your app:
The price seemed high to me but I live kind of rural and am home most all day so I having had the misfortune of having a package stolen.

Most times when you order something they don’t give you the shipping tracking number right away. That comes later in a subsequent email. From a usage standpoint it would be a lot easier on the user to just forward that email to you, instead of opening the app and keying in the number. You should come up with a process where those emails can be parsed and linked to existing customers, otherwise you will have a lot of manual work matching them up.

The one and only Co-Working space that I know of and have been in uses a mobile app for customers to access/unlock the door. I assume you will only be able to use places that are staffed during the hours you posted and that staff would be existing staff of the co-working space. What percentage of the fee do you anticipate having to share with them?

Some other random thoughts:
Who is responsible for the package?
You will need insurance of your own.
You will need to deal with packages that the vendor says were delivered but aren’t.

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Maybe add an “attach image” as proof of the delivery? Not that it will stop deadbeats from claiming non-delivery but it might give them pause to file a claim.

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The power of crowdsourcing ideas! I had thought that the price was pretty high considering people want free shipping so I am dropping it very low before release. That was insightful because I definitely don’t want to price too high and miss out on potential sales.

I like that idea of forwarding the email somehow via the app, I will look for some unique strategies to parse and link to existing customers.

My idea at this stage was to actually do the package storing myself and work out of the co-working space and build up from there, however I am going to brainstorm potentially allowing customers to pick up packages from locations and give brokerage fees. I was just alerted to UPS drop off and access points where users can have their items stored in stores to be picked up. I have not used this service before, but I am going to look into it because it could potentially disprove my business model.

For your first question, going back to the previous answer, I would be handling the packages for them to come and pick up when they are available. I will absolutely have business insurance before even testing the idea out. For packages that are claimed to be delivered I have no solution as of yet, but I will brainstorm some ways to handle this issue.

Thank you for your feedback. Definitely super helpful.

Les, just to verify, are you saying have customers take images of their delivery confirmation email or are you saying to have the postal workers snap photos of proof of delivery?

I have used a couple of different services. I’ve had UPS packages redirected to a UPS Store. I’ve had UPS packages redirected to a local gas station which is an authorized UPS access point and open late. I’ve had Amazon deliver to a local Gordman’s department store. All of which didn’t cost me anything. I tried doing the Gordmans thing with a 30 lb package and that wasn’t allowed, so size can be a factor sometimes. I’ve also been able to snag a package from USPS if it arrived the same day, but wasn’t out for delivery.

Just some things to consider from my experiences. There are some limitations with with what’s currently offered. UPS seems to offer a little bit more flexibility compare to USPS or FedEx. Amazon is definitely trying some new things. There’s definitely potential out there.

I have the Ring Neighbors app and there are always package thefts this time of year. I’d have no problem driving somewhere to pick up a package knowing it was delivered safely and kept protected. I would maybe consider a few dollars for piece of mind, but I’m always looking for free shipping, so I don’t know if someone like me would be a tough sell. The price point would have to be right.


Yes as other have said the big delivery guys are aware of the problem of theft and are trying all kinds of things. I haven’t seen much lately about Amazon’s delivery to peoples vehicles car trunk but I remember reading something about that a while back. It would be limited to newer smart cars with remote access to things, so very limiting to certain makes and model cars. And most if not all of these things are free.

Not delivery related, but related to shipping, is that Amazon just recently contracted with a ton of local stores near me that allow you to bring returns to. Simple and easy and free.


The Post Office will not “give” the images they take with their Post Office devices out at any time, for any reason. Their security level is pretty high. I’m not sure about UPS or FedEx, but I’m pretty sure they won’t do that either.

Proof of Delivery for us is simply scanning the tracking number and selecting the appropriate status of the package. Pictures are only taken when there is a problem with delivery or actual damage to the package.

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The UPS to Gas Station sounds very efficient being as though they are open late and pretty much everywhere. I will have to look into that solution further.

I think size can be where I can gain an advantage by taking in larger packages which other places will not keep. Amazon Hub locker also has a size limit and they are limited in the fact that they only take Amazon packages.

I will have to develop a more streamlined process from users ordering to submitting, maybe I don’t take a tracking code at this stage and just an image of delivery uploaded to the system which I can track and possibly parse. While doing Market Research I discovered that IBM has also invested in drone technology to prevent package theft so some huge companies are even investing in potential future threats.

The article is here for IBM drone patent: https://www.coindesk.com/ibm-patents-blockchain-to-stop-drones-from-stealing-packages

This issue, though petty, will continue to grow as eCommerce grows and I think the opportunity time would be now to test something out and see if there are openings to build then integrate exponential technologies like drones to deliver directly to customers wherever they are. I see the future of receiving your package as being an experience in itself.

Package theft usually picks up around the holidays and that was super insightful knowing that someone would see value in having their package safely stored. I will have to look at the economics of it and determine what price point would users be willing to pay for this type of service. I do want to incorporate delivery later, but my MVP and probably first few versions will focus on getting package receivement right first. I have some work to do before launching V1, but I will keep you all updated. Thank you for the feedback on my idea.

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After doing some market research I see that IBM ( A dinosaur in the tech industry) is investing heavily in drones to fight package theft by drone which they see as viable in the future.

Here is the article: https://www.coindesk.com/ibm-patents-blockchain-to-stop-drones-from-stealing-packages

This combined with UPS, Fedex, USPS and Amazon making their moves and testing out solving this issue is really what has been driving me, the space is becoming, but no solutions have become absolute yet. Trunk delivery sounds game changing, smart cars would actually be able to autonomously drive to people’s homes. I see the company i’m trying to build utilizing autonomous cars, artificial intelligence and drones to build out delivery in a cost effective way. With so many companies emerging in the drone and autonomous car space (Uber, Tesla, Apple) and applying Moore’s law to these new technologies, in a few years maybe 5 years these technologies should be more advanced and ubiquitous in everyday society. It would be better to partner with them or potentially merger.

I was unaware of Amazon having local store return, I had studied a few apps which used stores to deliver items to. Kind of like how Fedex has delivery and drop off locations at Walgreen locations.

Ultimately the “Free Economy” is still blooming and with Google and other sites offering value to consumers for free, the most likely future would be to have locations be utilized for free and monetize in other ways because people will always want free shipping over paying for it themselves.

I figured there might be heavy restrictions to information like that. I really want to keep the service as simple as possible. Instead of trying to dabble into internal information which can put companies at risk, I will build this out to make it simple for users to send an image of their order confirmation email or forward it, then keep track of estimated delivery times and instantly text/notify customers that they can pick up there items until 10P.M. from Mon-Fri

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I was thinking that it would be the delivery people taking it since they want to keep their jobs and it’s the customers who might falsely claim it didn’t arrive.

I didn’t envision it being the post office or any standard delivery service. More like an Uber driver or someone who doesn’t have the standard scanner.

One thing to consider as well is the risk involved getting tied to reshipping scams where stolen goods are sent to dupes who handle the risk as a part-time job scam.