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yes there are more rows but there all for my chat tab i can show you if you like

`what do you mean by that?

Are there any columns in that table that have a little blue icon next to the column name that looks like the below?

Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 11.27.09 PM

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So is your users sheet serving more than one purpose? Is it holding user profiles as well as chat? If the data is serving multiple purposes, you may want to split that up into separate tables. One table for users and one table for chat. Mixing data like that in one single table can cause a lot of headaches down the road.

so with that being said should I try to make a separate tab for the welcome screen in relation to my users tab

Your welcome screen is fine pointing to the user sheet. I don’t see a problem there. The only reason I mentioned separating the data is because you mentioned that you have chat functionality in the user table as well. Typically it is good database design to separate data if it serves separate purposes.

I see that you are requiring sign in for your app, so that would confirm that the Email is Signed In User filter should be working. I also did not notice any row owner columns, so you should be fine there as well.

Watching your video, I noticed one thing. You are over your row limit for a free app. When that happens, it’s possible that not all of the data is sent to the user device. I’m thinking that the row you are attempting to update was excluded because you are over the free row limit. As a test, is it possible to delete some data so your row count is less that 500 rows?

When you signed in with the published version of the app, did it create a new row at the bottom of your user sheet? Also, did you sign in with the same email that’s contained in the first row of your table?
Normally, when you enable User Profiles in glide, it creates a new user row automatically when a user signs in for the first time. Then it forever links that row to that signed in user. I think if you manually populate the table with users to begin with, glide doesn’t always link the signed in user to that existing row and instead creates a new row. I’m wondering if a new row was generated when you signed into the published version, but since you are over you row limit, the app can’t get to that last row, so the welcome screen becomes disconnected from all rows and won’t let you update the name.

so I just upgraded the app and I’m am now able to see all the user’s logins also I fixed the text entry but the taking off the email is signed-in user filter I had on the welcome tab. Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

OK, first of all, I would have left the filter on your Welcome tab as it was. Email is signed in user is the correct way to set a filter with your use case. With your change to check if email is included in email, now you are effectively comparing the email column back to itself, so it’s always going to find a match (in fact, all rows are considered a match because with your current condition, they match themselves on each and every row) and it will settle on the first row because that is the first one that matches. Whenever you filter a detail screen, it will always settle on the first match, even if you have multiple rows that match that filter condition.

Tab visibility conditions will always be based off of the user profile row of the signed in user. When using the user profile anywhere in your app, glide will automatically pull user profile records from the correct row…including the ‘signed in user’ condition.

I don’t know what exactly is going on here. Whenever I set up user profiles in my app, I point it to a user sheet, but I never fill it in manually. I always let glide generate the row for me. That way I know it has the correct connections in the back end. It seems like you may have created those rows yourself. And combining that with the fact that you have several rows that do not contain an email address, it may just be confusing glide, so it can’t properly connect to the correct row.

Can you also go into detail on what your Go button does? What action do you have set for it, and how is the action configured?

Also, which email are you using to sign into the published app? Whichever email you used to sign in should be the email in the row that you are trying to edit. Your current filter is definitely pointing you to the first row no matter who signs in. Changing it to ‘is signed in user’ should put you on the correct row in most cases, but something’s still not right here. Also be aware of anonymous emails. They are turned on by default for free apps. Now that you have Pro, you have the option to leave them turned on, or you can turn them off to collect real emails. I prefer leaving the anonymous option for data security, especially if you are not using row owners in that particular sheet. It’s up to you though. When anonymous emails are in use, glide should still be smart enough to know that a user’s anonymous email as well as their real email are inter-connected.

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so I went back and added my original filter to my welcomes tab along with the new filter I added and now everything seems to work on both sides of my app in the builder and the preview section. I’m not 100% sure if that’s what fixed the issue, not but everything
welcome tab
seems to work.


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