Login issues

HELLO everyone I am in the process of building my app and suddenly came across an issue where my welcome tab will work inside of glide but when I go to share it with myself to preview the app nothing works?

Have you published the app?

yes just by clicking on the button at the top right corrert

Yes, that’s right.

So what happens when you try to open the app link?
Can you share it here so we can test?

so in my builder, everything is working but when I got to publish it my welcome screen doesn’t work it won’t allow me to enter into the text entry box and my button doesn’t work. https://internal-stick-56.glideapp.io/

Okay, I see.

First thing to check - have you configured User Profiles?

yes user profile is set up


Do you have any filters applied to this screen?

Also, can you please show me a screen shot from the Data Editor that shows the table that is attached to the above screen (make sure the column headers are visible).


I can’t see anything obviously wrong there.
When input components are disabled like that, it usually means that they have no row to write to.

A couple more things to check. Can I see a screenshot of your user profile configuration?
It will be something like this:

Also, can I see how your input components are configured? (the text input fields)

The fact that the email column is empty for most users looks a bit suspicious. This is why I’m asking again about your User Profiles configuration.

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do you think its because I need to upgrade my app

No, it’s just a matter of identifying where the issue is. Again, I’m still suspicious that your user profiles may not be correctly configured.


Okay, that looks fine.

In one of your earlier screen shots, you showed your Users table and there were 16 rows of data visible.
Are there more rows than that?
If you scroll down to the bottom do you see a row with a value in the email column? There should be at least one from my earlier login attempt.

Have you applied row owners to any column in your user table that you haven’t shown us?

I think as Darren said, there are more rows than shown and it’s weird that your email column, which should have had emails in there, didn’t have anything. It shouldn’t matter whether you’re Pro or not, this should work on a free version.

Also, do you have any arrayformulas that can alter this?