List visibility based on form entry

Having trouble with and/or functions visibility.

I have a menu & want it to be available to people when they enter their details. I believe everything is set up correctly, what am I doing wrong here?

Also, why am I sometimes unable to enter details into the text entries & sometimes I am, what factor controls this? (The text inputs literally become unclickable).

Thanks in advance.

Screenshot 2020-06-30 at 16.54.49

It seems like:

  • You’re setting your user profiles sheet to have a row owner on the column.

  • The newly signed in person has not had their email written in the profiles sheet for some reason, so they don’t have a row assigned, hence they can’t edit anything.

I usually do this nowadays:

  • Filter the sheet to email is signed in user (enable user profiles first of course).

  • Enable edit option and let users fill in their details in there.

  • Have a text component pointing to the pencil button and tell the user to go there and edit things.