List Edits get undone by clicking on Details

My app’s URL: Glide
When I do Edit List and change any of the fields in the Data section, everything seems fine.
I can even close the edit, i.e. go back to my Glide home page.

But if I click on Details (even changing nothing there) and go back to List, my changes to List Style have been undone.

You can always hit the undo button if you don’t like a change or you want to go back to how you had it before a change.

The issue is in the other direction - the system is doing a partial Restore-Defaults when I click on “Details”.
I did wonder whether I was missing pressing a “Commit” button, but given that the Restore-Defaults applies even after I have accessed the changed version on my 'phone, and exited Glide, before reopening and clicking on “Details” that seems unlikely?

Can you attach a video of the bug in action?

Details undoes List Edits

mp4 not permitted as load, so I put in on Youtube.
Fur the future, is there a more recommended method?

Well, what I was getting at was that most people pick a style and once they have it set, they don’t usually change it. I you accidentially changed to details or wanted to explore some of the other views, but didn’t like them, you can always use the Undo button to back to the style or settings you had prior to making any changes. Of course, that undo history gets lost once you close the builder, but it’s there if you make any mistakes.

There is no “commit” button, so changes are happening and saved in real time as you make them. Like I said, the style setting isn’t usually changed much after you pick a style, and I think it tries to share settings between all of the styles, so some things are saved and some things aren’t when you start changing that setting. If I ever play around the start making changes just to see other styles, I always use the undo button to go back if I don’t like something.