List choice box - increase contrast or change colour?

I should add - you should make this a multi-step (custom) action, as you’ll also need to clear the values on your User Specific columns, and perhaps show a notification, and maybe even a “Go Back” action.

I also want to mention that Row ID’s will always be different for each row. They give each row a unique ID that doesn’t change and makes it unique. It does not necessarily have anything to do with users, unless you are explicitly writing a row ID, that is related to a particular user, to a column.

So each ‘real’ column needs a matching user specific column? That is 10 extra columns for the Year 4 cohort alone, as shown in the screenshot. This is just the Year 4 group - each year group has it’s own specific criteria so I would need to create over 60 extra columns. I’m hoping I have misunderstood

The set up is probably a bit clumsy but the app works really well. The feed sheets go into a pivot table to give me an overall grade for each student. This is why there are so many tables. There would be a better way to set this up but this was the logic behind how I got it in this shape. I only mention this because you may have thought the app was a lot tidier than it actually is :crazy_face:

haha, don’t worry I can relate to that. My very first Glide app was built on a Google Sheet that had been evolving for about 5 years - it was a tangled mess of formulas and scripts and redundant sheets. It’s taken me the best part of a year to untangle all that as I’ve been learning Glide, and it still has a ways to go.

And yeah, all those “Year X Feed” and “Year X Results” sheets make me immediately suspicious :wink:
I wouldn’t mind betting that you have a bunch of redundant data in there and those could probably be massaged into just two sheets (“Feed” and “Results”) without too much effort. The way it is at the moment, I can imagine that you’re probably having to create and configure a lot more screens than you would otherwise need to.

But, there is also something to be said for “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. If you’re happy with the way it all works at the moment, then it’s not my place to tell you that you should change it.

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Yes no doubt about that, will have a bit of a play and try to simplify things a bit. Cheers!

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All done! Works perfectly. Thank you!!!

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Excellent! :+1:

Hi Darren, this started happening and not sure why…

When I click ‘clear’ every choice bar sets to 5. But it’s still treated as clear, because if sent, the values for each column are blank. If I want to actually set 5 as a score it works, I just tap 5 on whichever bar and the score will go through as normal.

It was all working perfectly and I didn’t use the app for a couple of days. Reopened the app, did not make any changes at all and it happened straight away :confused:

Clear action:

Is there something I’ve missed here?

That’s quite odd. Do you only see that in the builder, or does it also happen in the published app?

published app too. Initial thought was that it had been nerfed by Glide, but then thought it must have been set up incorrectly

Should add that everything still works perfectly, scores go though as they should etc. It’s just that the ‘cleared’ format is now 5, rather than every number going back to green

mmm, I can’t explain that. Was a bit worried there that something may have changed in Glide that alters this behaviour, but I just checked one of my apps that uses a similar setup and it’s behaving normally. ie. if I clear all User Specific Columns associated with a segmented choice component, then I see “none” selected.

Have you tried looking in the data editor after the “clear” action to check that it has actually cleared all the columns?
Also, what happens if you clear them manually?
And try viewing as different users… does the behaviour change?

Yes, they do clear from the user columns when the button is pressed, but remain in the actual score columns as they should. Clearing manually sets it straight back to 5.

Wonder whether this is related to this post. You use set column action and user specific column - and clearing a value and the previous value return

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That’s a good point.

@Dan76 are your user specific columns configured as Number columns?
Assuming yes, instead of clearing them, try setting them all to 0 (zero) and see what happens

well blow me down, setting them to zero turns the 5 off

So this is a bug for now? I’ts not a deal breaker but makes it harder to use - I cannot see if I’ve entered 5 or not :laughing:

Not really clear to me whether or not this is a bug. As I said, a similar setup in my app still works as expected.

But, you’ve confused me now. If setting them to zero successfully “clears” them all, why can’t you now see when you’ve selected 5?

Because if I set to zero manually, it clears the choice bar, but the zero is sent through to the actual column. After sending, the 5 is switched back on. Also, cannot manually set to zero through the app, only through the Glide table