Launch Facebook App Instead of Browser from URL

Is there a way to have the Facebook app open directly from tapping a link within Glide rather than the link opening in a browser and prompting the user to sign in to Facebook first?

This happens automatically for Instagram and Twitter, but I’m trying to figure out if I’m constructing the wrong URL for Facebook. Currently I’m constructing it like this: Protocol: “https”, Host: “”, “Facebook username”

When I try to search this generally online, everything seems to talk about changing a setting within your own Facebook app, but is there a way to force this to happen regardless of how an individual user has their Facebook settings set?

*Edit: I noticed if the link is for a Group page, it does automatically launch the Facebook app. The only difference here is Host: “Redirecting...”.

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I feel like @Krivo had a solution for this a couple years back…

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There’s this post.

At the time, I don’t think any of us had the ability, or had discovered the ability to parse apart the user agent information. Now that it’s possible, the above solution could be combined with the below solution. (Android and IOS require different links to open each respective app).


Thanks, that’s helpful. I only have a rudimentary understanding of JavaScript, so I won’t be able to implement the automatic portion of capturing the user OS for now.

Am I correct in understanding that you would need either the Page ID or Profile ID in order for this to work? Or is there a different link other than “fb://profile/PAGEID or fb://page/PAGEID” that uses the Username? I already have all of the Usernames, but I think I would have to go and manually look up all of the Page IDs/Profile IDs.

I don’t know for sure. I haven’t done it myself. A preliminary Google search suggests that maybe you can use username instead of id??? I guess just try it and see what happens.

No it doesn’t work. I already tried it. It does launch the FB app, but it doesn’t navigate to the User Profile or Page. It simply opens the app to wherever the user last left off.

Might have to do some Google searching to see what can be used with those urls.

I have used url scheme links like:
fb://page/?id=104958162837 on iOS.
To me that works.

have you tried the glide template app in this post? Here the links are found

Yes I have, thanks.

I’m able to make it work, but my issue now is that I already have 2500+ organizations that I have Facebook usernames for, but not page/profile IDs. So ideally I wouldn’t have to manually go find the IDs for all of these (I know how to get them, but the only way I know how to do it is manually and one at a time).

Unfortunately I’ve struck out so far. I like to consider myself pretty good at searching to find answers myself, but I haven’t been able to find anything super helpful or current for this issue.

@Clifton_Crouch do you have one example?

@Clifton_Crouch have you tried It is here easy to get the correct url scheme url.