Join the Glide Apps Makers (Unofficial) Slack Channel

I was searching for Glide’s Slack Makers’ Channel and I came across a post by @karldelacruz who was looking for the same.

Since there is none, I went ahead and created one. It is unofficial because it’s not managed by the Glide Team.

The purpose of the channel is not to interact with the Glide Team - David has already mentioned that we have enough channels to do so.

But to discuss things in real time between makers, share thoughts and ideas and give each other some company.

Working from home is great, but also not great. Makers’ working days can feel a bit lonely sometimes and a community of people dealing with the same issues can help :slight_smile:

Please feel free to join

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Just my 2 cents…

I think it’s better to have everything in the community forum.
That way, EVERYONE gets the benefit of seeing what’s going on, and learning to build their apps.

Here in the forum, regulars and community experts have their own private category of posts, so you can keep in touch with other regulars/experts.

The stronger and more complete community forum, the better for all users.

Happy friday!


It’s a valid point, but I believe that the two can coexist and that Slack can add a bit of a human touch to makers’ conversations.

The forum’s conversational style is pretty “transactional”, which is great.

But I’m building actual friendships and collaborations with makers here and I would love to have a more informal (yet focused) real-time environment to communicate.

Let’s give it a shot, if the channel doesn’t work, we can kill it.

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you can send me an invite, i’ll join

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Right link updated, let me know if you can’t get in for some reasons and I’ll send you an invite