Is this an issue? Form formatting keeps disappearing

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Hi. I am working on building an app, so far I’m still on the freebie user. When I build out a new form (and yes, it has data landing zones in either a glide table or a google sheet) - when I go back to test it or use the form “again” all the formatting disappears and I have to start again. Are forms only a 1 time use?
What am I doing wrong? Want some info before I spend another 4 hours rebuilding it… again.


Can you reproduce it and send us a video? That would help a lot, thank you.

I’m going to have to rebuild it to reproduce it… just saw a comment from someone who had built a form but realized that having a button open the form - if they need it again and again… maybe it should be a screen and just have a button “point” to the screen.
Can a screen be a form? I think (sorry still a bit of a newbie) I am getting some terminology crossed in my head… Do I need pro to do this?

No you don’t need Pro to do that. A form is a special screen with its own special characteristics. A form, if it works correctly, won’t need you to do it over and over again.