Is Link to Screen to Relations Broken?

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I have a button that is linked to a relations column using the link to screen action. the relations column itself has data and is working properly. However the button is behaving as though there is no data in that column and not showing up at all. Is anyone else having this issue.

The button was working fine and suddenly disappeared which is leading me to think there is a system glitch. When I rpull the same data using inline list or list relation it is working fine.

Is anyone else having this issue with a button that is using the link to screen - relation function?

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I have the same issue such that I stopped trying the use it …

I have the same issue with “view details” over a relation…

I will try again later though…
It’s probably a bug since these are new features…

these are not new features. I’ve had it in my app for atleast 6 months now with no problem. I’m hoping someone in the Glide helpdesk is reading this thread

hmmm, I’ve just spent 20 minutes trying to debug a similar issue in one of my apps.
An Inline List that does a Link to Screen (through a relation) action suddenly stopped working (as in, click a list item and nothing happens) for no apparent reason.
This something that’s been working fine for months, and I haven’t touched it.
I suspect there might be a general issue here…

I know but I suspect it must be related to this feature

That’s what I meant actually

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@luther - good point.

@mark is it possible that this new feature has broken some existing functionality? :arrow_up:

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Ya I submitted a support ticket last night. A component with a Link to screen action > multiple relation breaks the component.


Did you find a workaround, Bob?

Yup, @Luther might be on point here. It is something to do with the View Details feature.
I duplicated the previous button - Link to Screen - Relation and now used View Details. But all relations do not show up so I can’t pick the relation I want to use.

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It’ll be fixed soon. Apologies.


Not yet. It’s a bug, so I don’t want to build a workaround. Here’s what I sent support last night:

Training & Compliance · Glide - Watch Video

As Mark said, we are working on it and have identified the issue on our end. A hotfix will be deployed soon.



Looks like this one has been fixed :+1:


Thank goodness!