Is choice working well?

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Glide and your surprises! A user said the filter wasn’t working since I haven’t changed anything in the component in a long time.

I’m using a choice to filtering my list follow a tip of Bob Glide: INFINITE and DYNAMIC Filtering! - YouTube

For some reason, the selection of choice is not showing or writing in the Data column selected, there for the filter is not working


But if I write manually the Aging_Selection the filter works.

I’ve already log off, log in, create another field to receive the choice selection, nothing happens.
Is everything all right?

Do you have any filters for that tab level? Probably it is writing to the correct column but in another row?

Thx for your reply. No, I dont have any filter

But your tip made me thinking and in fact I found some values in some lines in this column which I expect to be clean if I didnt select any choice option.
I’m trying to understand what´s going on.

I tested when I selected this tab I went to data info to see which line I was, and I wasnt in the 1st row.

Can you record a video of this in your builder while showing the settings for that specific component, then the data after you try to write the choice? Thank you.

sorry u answered while I was editing my last reply but I can record.

This normal behaviour, no? It’s send the value to the correct row, to the row where you are…might be wrong

u know what?! It’s already worked fine, but I don’t know why it´s not working anymore. take a look at the Youtube vídeo of one of the experts here Bob.

Looks like you are not in the first row despite not having any filters because you’re using a sort. From the components you have on there wouldn’t it be better to sort the inline list instead of the tab?

I’m pretty sure removing the tab-level sort will fix this.


with all due respect … MONSTER!!! u were right! Thk u so much. I was using sort in both TAB and Component. I set like this and done!

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