Images not shown on Glide App

My app’s URL: Glide

For some reason the app is randomly not showing some images, although they are shown in the Glide’s spreadsheet.

Here’s the picture of the Glide’s Spreadsheet pulled from my Google Sheets that I used to create the app.I made the spreadsheet accessible to anyone with its link (Note that all imagens appear there):
Captura de Tela 2021-07-19 às 16.37.16

For reference, here is the full link of the 1st image from my app that is not being pulled in the app:

Appreciate if anybody may help on how I could resolve it.


When I try to access the URL you provide I can’t see it as well.

Regardless of where the image is hosted, you must make sure it is publicly accessible. I would recommend downloading images and upload them to Glide to make sure they work.

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