Image URL not displaying as an image (but it was working yesterday)

Workingn yesterday, not working today.

Certificate URL is a link to an image stored on an ftp site

It used to display nicely as an image (see example)

But now it does not want to display (now the other image URL - PDF URL).

  • I have put in a text component and a link component to show it is working - the link resolves to the correct image, and the URL is properly formatted.
  • and it was working yesterday.

This is not a good thing! As the app is live and this piece of functionality is Critical to demonstrating you have a negative corona test.

Anyone else seen anything like this? Thanks!

Can you check if this works in staging? We can incidentally enabled more permissive image loading recently.

Sorry I missed this - I’ll take a look now and report back :slight_smile:

I checked on Staging - fairly hard as the strings for the multilingual app are scrambled in that version!

I checked where I have these image URLs being displayed - one was displaying, the other was not.

Both URLs are generated at the same time - one resolves to a PDF, the other to a jpg.

In my live app, the cert URL is now displaying (in the places I checked) but NOT the PDF.


Can you please drop me the url of something you can’t get to display?

PDF as image (used to work)

Certificate image jpg

I had problems these last days with both image URL types (generated for a successful test)

  • the certificate now seems to display
  • the PDF does not want to play nicely, and is not being displayed any more

Lastly what component are you putting it in?

Image component

I also demonstrated that if it’s in as a link, the link will resolve to opening a tab with the pdf or certificate displayed, so it’s not the url itself that is having the problem :slight_smile: