Image gets rotated when uploaded. Not the first time

Using the photo upload component,
I upload an photo in the orientation that I wish;
the photo gets rotated on upload.

It seems to be not uploading in the correct orientation at random.
I have done it twice-in-a-row, and sometimes it will correct itself by the second attempt.

Other times, I can repeat the upload process 5 times, and it will not orientate the photo correctly, as uploaded, as oriented on the phone, at the time of upload.

The page refreshes randomly, abruptly, sometimes slowly, and often.

Not a big deal. Though, concerning because it’s distracting. And on occasion, something typed into a field, won’t be there after refresh. I think this is known.

Do you have a support link to this app, please?

I don’t, sorry. It either gets fixed or I don’t pay next month.

We need the support link to the app in order to fix it.

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