Image get rotated on upload

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images get rotated side-ways on upload

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Go to the request tab, press + (add a product) floating button, then tap floating button with upload icon, tap upload photo, upload photo & photo / image is rotated on upload.

Takes too much time.

It’s pretty straight forward. FYI - I can’t have this happening too often.
or, I can’t be a Glide customer because my customers will leave…
and it’s currently happening too often.

I refuse to pay you & supply the extensive labor you’re requesting to report such basic issues.
More complex ones… ok. But, I see what you’re doing. I get it. Not trying to be a jerk, here.
I just hope YOU see the irony it. If not, think about it.

(Not too many companies ask you to pay & spend 20 minutes of work + use another service, just to report things… that should be working normally)

No hard feelings. Thank you kindly @SantiagoPerez

I already gave a support link. Guess I need to do it again. Sorry about that… more time…

support link

I tried it a couple times. It’s working with mixed results. Meaning, sometimes it uploads the photo correctly, other times it uploads them side-ways. Not sure if you’ll be able to replicate. Funky.

Still trying. Still funky.

The reasoning for this, as I interpret it, is likely because of this.

When you turn around your phone to take pictures, the light strikes the camera sensor on the orientation as you hold the phone. The camera app does not save images turned as you see them on the screen, but it just flags them with the current EXIF orientation data from the orientation sensor.

This information is interpreted by your gallery app to show the image accordingly, but a browser ignores it and shows the pictures as they were taken by the sensors perspective.

I don’t know if there’s an easy fix for this, just chiming in because this is a widely reported issue on Stackoverflow.


Yeah, that would be my initial guess as well. Either the orientation of the device when the picture was taken, or if the image was rotated from it’s initial orientation (and how it was rotated), or maybe less likely, but the orientation of the device when the image is uploaded. It’s a common issue on multiple OS’s. But without more information, it’s hard to say for sure, so there’s not much additional input I can provide.


Thanks for chiming in. What you described / shared makes sense.

However, It should upload in the orientation found in the gallery.
This is clearly Glide’s issue.

It would be nice to hear facts from Glide employee :wink:

If this can’t be fixed, I would like to know ASAP.


The orientation of the phone, photo, and gallery were all in sync.
Either orientation, it shouldn’t matter.

Even if I want to upload an upside-down photo, I’m still screwed.

This is a Glide issue.

I just need to know if it will be fixed, and if so, when.

@ThinhDinh @Jeff_Hager @Darren_Murphy

Just thought I would share what I found:
Not sure if this is the source of my problem, for sure.
But it did correct the orientation.

If I upload a “Large” image, it uploaded sideways
If I upload “Actual size”, it worked correctly

Not positive. Still testing a few more times. But, that may be it.
Hope that may help you / someone else in the future.

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