Image - Background as loading screen & uploading sideways

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Describe the bug:
2 image issues: 1. uploads sideways 2. Use background as loading screen didn’t update - it is still using an image used previously.

Expected Behaviour:
1. The photo should upload in the same orientation as seen in photo image gallery.
2. When I change the background image & check the box for, Use same image as background, it should do that. Currently, it is still using old image

How to replicate:
1. Upload a photo 2. Upload a background image, check the box for use same image for loading screen, change the image, uncheck/ recheck the box

You can create one using

“You can use either or any other screen recording software. If the issue is only on a specific device (phone, tablet, etc.), please make the recording on that device !!”

I used apple screen capture software. Glide wouldn’t let me upload it. I wish not share this publicly. Moreover, the problem occurs on my iphone. So, loom on my desktop is not what you asked for. I will attach it in an email reply to you / Glide, Santiago.

Yes, I put both issues here. 1. The upload sideways issue should be clear.

  1. The background / loading screen checkbox issue… I think… might be corrected by clearing cache somewhere. Not sure. I tried checking and unchecking, deleting the app from my home screen & adding it again; I’m out of ideas.

This may be only occurring with me, or the first user account I created. I could try deleting my ( 1 ) user account, and sign up again?? I will let you know if it gets corrected.

FYI - In the screen capture attached above, for the backgound loading image issue, it shows a dark purple image. This is correct. It should be used as background as well. The old image, I don’t want is ALL ORANGE - I don’t want the orange image (that I see on my end) Can’t miss it.

Thank you