If time on/before/after not working correctly

“is on or before” and “is on or after” are not working correctly.
when I switch to just before or after … no problem
in my sample column now GLIDE is showing the current time and is obviously not on or before column “close time convert”

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both column are dates… it is working for all other functions… only on or before/after is not

A date column, as well as a math column that returns a date, both have a data type of ‘date’, so Mark’s response still applies. As Mark, stated, it has nothing to do with being a math column or a date column. If the data type is ‘date’, then ‘on or before’ or ‘on or after’ only look at the entire day minus the time. There is no point in checking for a condition where the ‘ON’ portion of it would only be true for 1 second. Especially when glide only recomputes every 5 to 10 seconds.


yup, I learned my lesson on this one from that thread.


yes, no point… but wrong :wink: