I can't create an account.

URL: https://go.glideapps.com/

I can’t create an account on the Glide platform. After entering my registration email a message is sent to me with an email confirmation link but after opening the link to confirm the message “There’s a problem Value should be a string: undefined” appears. Glide support doesn’t have chat, email or phone to help me. :frowning: See image link.


@vitrinejb the community forum is the correct place to ask the “how do I” types of questions. You can also visit the Glide Support Hub Support Hub • Glide to see many FAQ’s.

On that page, you can open a Support Ticket. In your case make sure to select the “I believe I have found a bug in Glide” option as a screen recording of the steps that you are taking that lead up to the error message you are receiving would be necessary to further diagnose your issue.