How to remove mini Chrome icon from Home Screen App?

My app’s URL:

On Android (Google Pixel) when you download a Glide App for the first time it actually installs the app (no Chrome icon + I can search for it in my Android search bar + it’s in Android’s settings) instead of just creating a Chrome shortcut (see pictures).

However, after you delete it and attempt to redownload the app, it only makes a Chrome shortcut, and has a Chrome icon in the corner. Is there a way to remove the Chrome icon when it’s redownloaded, or redownload it as a properly installed app?

My app (now just a Chrome shortcut)

Versus a Glide App installed for the first time

Hmmm, can’t reproduce it on my device. I added your app to homescreen…it added as an app…then deleted and reinstalled. Still installs as an app. I tried with and without force stopping, clearing cache and clearing storage before uninstalling the app, but it still installed just fine.

Strange, after a day it looked like I was able to re-download the app without the Chrome icon!

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This is similar to my issue from a day or two ago. "Add to home screen button" not popping up

It was fixed by adding a 2nd tab to my app. Before doing that, it didn’t seem to recognize it as a web app, just a regular webpage.

I can report the same issue. I can’t find the way to delete the chrome sub-icon and be able to installed as a web app. (without chrome sub-icon)
My phone: Pixel 3 with Android version 10

What is the app you’re trying to add?

Fine minutes ago, I was able to re-install and remove the sub-icon.

The APP is:

I have the same issue with an app of mine. Can’t get “Add to home screen button” not popping up.

Related to your other post.

Unfortunately, I could not replicate the issue. I tried uninstalling then installing and it works. Not sure what was the issue.

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Anybody can solve this problem, I have the same issue…

Do you have a published link to your app that you can share?
Which OS and browser are you using on your device?

I’ve noticed issues in the past when people had no tabs at the bottom of their app and possibly when certain other things have changed in their app, but I don’t know what the true cause was or if anything way ever fixed with it.