How to Delete row on date?

I have a due date related to a few sheets

I want to:
Delete row (automatically), When Current Date = Due date

I tried:
Creating a if-then column, and creating a column to house the “current date”…
couldn’t find the current date, so… not sure if this a good way to go, or how to do this…

There is no native ability to execute actions (delete row is an action) based on time.

But there are workarounds. Some options are:

  • Use visibility conditions to hide the row based on the current date (simple)
  • Use an external integration tool to remove rows (less simple)
  • Hide rows, then delete by piggy backing other actions (less simple)

Which data source/s are you using?
And which Glide plan are you on?

Answers to each of the above may expand or limit your options.


A math column with a value, such as ‘X’ for example, can have the X replaced with Now, which will give you the current date and time.

Thanks for the reply.
I’m on the starter plan, using a Glide sheet
Simple is good

I’ll give it a look and a try. Thank you!

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