How to create a temporary fake phone number 📲

How to create a temporary fake phone number from google sheet and bring it back to the sheet?


What is your criteria for this fake phone number and why do you need it?

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  1. Passenger leaves his phone number in the app to order taxi
  2. Some taxi driver in the app choose to take the drive
  3. Passenger getting the driver fake number and driver gets fake passnger number

Both fake numbers need to be temporary, let’s say 3 hours from the time driver decided to take the drive.

I found this, but don’t understand how to make it happen:

Authorized Apps and 3rd Party Integrations - Burner Support Center

Then if the driver needs to call the passenger how does he/she do it?

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With the fake number, but if he/she want to call again to the passnger after few hours or day he/she can’t.

And that is the goal of this

scramble numbers with a pattern… but how the call is made? if from the app… you will need a real number… and it will show in call history on the phone… if through some webhook third party service… then it makes sense… but then… you don’t need to show number at all… just a name


Can you explain more please

it will be done in glide or GS?

It will be at GS

Phone number can be sent with SMS to passnger and driver or apear in the app itself

My issue is that not only a fake number need to be made (a one that can call to) but also with timer.

So if a person want to call this number again he cant

if GS… than split numbers to new columns… have a pattern in other sheet for each column what number will replace which number

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But if I call to this number it wont call the person.

no… they will comeback to the App with this number??? then you unscramble… i dont think that you can use any coded number to call from real devices… they have to comeback to the App

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How does this solve the issue, cant understand