How to create a job search / filter menu

Hi Everyone,

I did some research on here but could not find exactly what I was looking for. If there is already something like my question, don’t hesitate to point me in the right direction.

Otherwise, I’m working on an app that where people will be able to search for a job, my issue is the job search because looking for a job you need several fields to be relevant. basically, I would need something like:

What: enter a keyword
Where: city, state, territory, postcode

then a search button and it will display the related job ads

Is there a possibility do to that?

Thanks for your help

Firstly I assume you already have the relevants fields in your job table. If your job title, keywords & companies columns are separate then join them together using a template column. Do the same for the “where” columns. Let’s call them “Joined What” and “Joined Where”.

For these search things I usually have a completely new Glide Table, let’s call it “Search”. Add a normal column and enter whatever value you want there to initiate a row to hold the values.

Create two user-specific columns two hold those “What” and “Where” search values.

In your Jobs table, use two single value columns, use the “first” option and return the “what” and “where” fields from the Search table.

Also in your Jobs table, create two If Then Else columns.

  • What ITE: If what is empty then “Joined What”.
  • Where ITE: If where is empty then “Joined Where”.

Finally, a “Visibility” column that is also If Then Else: If “What ITE” is included in “Joined What” then true, If “Where ITE” is included in “Joined Where” then true, else false.

Use that to filter your inline list.


Thank you so much for your help!
I tried twice to follow and replicate the process, but I must be missing something.

When you said

Create two user-specific columns two hold those “What” and “Where” search values.

Should I put a value in those columns?


Use that to filter your inline list.

Is it the “in app” sort?


It’s intended to be the ones that your search entries fill.

No, it’s the filter feature of the inline list.

I spent a few hours on it, and I’ll leave it aside for now. I didn’t not find yet how to make it work :wink:
But thank you for your help again!