Google Sheet Not syncing 1 Sheet

All of a sudden my Glide App stopped updating in 1 Sheet. The sheet only has 2 rows and 10 columns. I’m on a Private Pro plan.

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Are you using array formulas, and if so, have you checked the very bottom of the sheet?

The same thing started to happen to me. I have to make every change from Glide Tables or I couldn’t do anything.

Well, this is definitely making me learn. I just realized this is how Glide recognizes that I’m creating an image carousel. So, it kept showing me…lol…Maybe, I do need some sleep. Adding images - Glide Library

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Hey, you’re ahead of the game. You’re figuring out stuff before you know that you figured it out. :wink:

:grinning: Well, do you know how to make the descriptions act like a carousel with the images? I’m thinking it’s the same concept.

Well I believe it’s not the same. You can only show one tag/description throughout the carousel.


Okay, so how do I do this? How do I keep a description to cycle with the image? If you have any articles, please direct me. Thanks Maybe this would be the solution: Array Column - Glide Library

The only way I can think of is to display them as a horizontal inline list, but then you would have to convert your data into multiple rows.