Glider server having issues?

Hi, is there any issue with Glide servers? Some of my apps can’t load, load VERY slowly and if it could, icons are missing from the app. Some missing icons appear after awhile.

Do take a look, thank you.

We don’t see any issues. Can you make a video and give us a link to an app that’s having an issue?

Hi @kingzy , on the status page, it seems like everything is running fine:

It was intermittent from 8-10pm (GMT +8), then in the last 20 minutes it got worse and now things seem to have smoothen up. If it persists i’ll record a video.

I don’t know if this is related to this topic but may as well add it. So I’m having serious issues with the distance column, my case is a bit hardcore, cus I need to calculate the distance of over 8000 rows, the column works fine and it calculates the distances as it should, however, when I try to make use of it in the app, it just kills the app, the editor and everything. Are there any true limitations to the distance column (The app is PRO) or is it related to some internal issues?

Thanks in advance

You mean, at once?

YUp, at once!! And if I apply a filter, to limit the number of items displayed, everything crashes. On top of that, glide doesn’t record the location appropriately, and it doesn’t calculate the distance, I’ve been having a massive headache around this. So sometimes it works out the distance and sometimes it doesn’t, and if you try to use the location component, and then try to apply a filter using the distance column, the whole builder crashes